Frequently Asked Questions

Hair extensions have become common in many women's lives, due to the ability to go from short to long instantly.

Q - What is the difference between human hair weaves and synthetic weaves?
A - With human hair you can curl with hot irons, color, bleach and perm. Synthetic weaves are made of a plastic fiber. You can't curl, color, bleach or perm.

Q - How are weaves done?
A - Hair is sewn or glued on to the existing hair. Must be done by a professional.

Q - I saw something simular at a box store for cheaper, how's yours better?
A - We can't speak on behalf of the national chains product quality. We know our business and we ONLY carry quality products backed with customer satisfaction. There is also always a staff member in store that is knowledgeable on products and techniques.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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